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Hello Pet Lovers!

Welcome to Pishorina Pet House where we treat your furkids like family. This little business is born out of love for our pets. They are truly treasured members of our own little family and we know that many feel this way too. My daughter Sophia learns so much just by being around them everyday. Together we decided to embark on creating great products for all pet lovers out there.

Under Pishorina we have a Pet Boutique Hotel, Pet Transport and a Pet Merchandise Gift Shop.

Our little hotel is specially designed to be a home away from home for your pets and started running in July 2018. Included under this is a fully equiped Cat Boarding Home situated in Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan. Our staff is well-trained and love animals (very important for us!) We also have an up and running pet transport service so we can pick up your furkids straight from your home to our hotels.

We also have a Pet Merchandise Gift Shop Seremban 2 selling merchansies such as pet toys, collars, leashes, cages and many more! In future we will also be offering bespoke pet merchandise for those of you who would like to get something a little special and individual for your furry family member. Plus it’s all online and delivers straight to your home too!

Pishorina is a brand that prides itself in great and friendly service. We know how busy life can get so let us take care of the little details for your pet supplies and comfort thus, you can spend more quality with them!

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We offer reasonable and competitive pricing for our furry boarders too including comfortable transportation.

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Contact Name:- Hani O’Connell
Email:- admin@pishorinapethouse.com

The History of Pishorina Pet House

Pishorina Pet House was born in the name of love for our pets. They create a wonderful air around us just by being there. They are loyal and understanding. We usually outlive them; in most cases, but the memory lingers.

Let’s appreciate our pets and show them how much we value their presence in our lives.

Pishorina Pet House is dedicated to serve all the pet lovers out there and to my daughter, Sophia, who is learning and understanding the true nature of the wonderful pets around us as we go along in our little adventure.

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