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    Affordable Cat Boarding Seremban

    Cats are a mystery as old as time. Even to this day, many believed that they’re never fully domesticated. At best, they could be semi-domesticated or tolerate being around humans. Though, can we blame the cats? This fact, however, never stopped humans from loving or having cats in their house. And we’re one of those humans. While they might be apathetic sometimes, only a cat lover can tell you how affectionate a cat can be.

    And that is why leaving them behind for some time for whatever reason is hard.

    You might have spent months planning for a trip, but the second the leapt onto your lap and threw you that look, you know you’re in trouble. Oh, they know what they’re doing. Cats are much smarter than any of us ever gave them credit. Scientist even believes that cats think we’re just big stupid cats. In their defence, we might be, sometimes. Then again, who can win against the fluff and adorableness only a cat can manage?

    But of course, if you’re planning a trip, that means you’re already spending quite a bit on it. You might’ve been stretched pretty thin. And you’ve possibly spent quite some time trying to find the right place for your cat to stay temporarily. Chances are, you have typed “Affordable Cat Boarding Seremban” or something similar into your search bar.

    Maybe that’s how you’ve found us?

    Then let us tell you that you don’t have to search anymore.

    At Pishorina Pet House, we aim to give your cat (or cats) the best care while they’re with us. It’d be like they’re at home away from home. They’ll have plenty of space for themselves or privacy if that’s what they needed. After all, not all cats are social butterflies. Some, especially those from a single-cat household might prefer the relax and comfortable stay.

    Not to worry, we’ll be able to discuss what works best for your beloved furry friends whether it’s our standard boarding where they’ll get to hang with other cats. Or our exclusive home boarding where only a maximum of three or four cats will be in the same room.

    Also, affordable doesn’t mean we’ll sacrifice on quality. Not at all. We believe that even at a low cost, skimping on pet care is unethical. So, we’ve made sure that our staff are well-trained and prepared for your furry friend’s stay. There will be no such thing as recycling previous boarder’s cat litter or packing a huge number of cats in a cage that doesn’t fit them. We’ll ensure that their comfort would be our priority.

    There are additional services should you require them, also at an affordable rate. It’s entirely up to you, and you can have a chat with us first to find out more about it.

    Don’t put a hole in your pocket. Contact us for an affordable cat boarding for Seremban and surrounding area.

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    Our Operating Hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm via appointments only.

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