Boarding Facilities For Cats Seremban

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    Boarding Facilities For Cats Seremban

    Each cat has its own personality. You never know how they are until you live with them. And if you have a full house of cats, you’d realise how different one is from the other. No two cats are the same. So, having a cat can be rewarding but also challenging. Each one is a little furry puzzle, and though we don’t like to admit it, there’s always a favourite cat. You can’t help it because there’s always one furball that knows exactly how to get under your skin.

    Even so, you want the best for all of them. When it comes to the best home away from home, there are no favourites. You want all of them to be treated well and with affection. You want a safe environment for them, happy in the care of people who love cats too. That’s not too much to ask fro right? Afterall, you are trusting them with your family.

    We want to be that home away from home for your cats.

    At Pishorina, we treat cats as valued guests because we also have cats in our own families. All our staff are well-trained to ensure the well-being of your feline friend(s).

    We also take into account that there are many types of cat owners, the “one-cat” people and the “multi-cat” households. So we have a selection of boarding options from standard boarding for the single ones and rooms where multiple cats can stay together as if they’re at their town home. Of course, we limit the number of cats per room to ensure they’re comfortable and have space to spread out if they wish to do so.

    You can also expect new cat litter for your cat as we don’t recycle old litter for safety and health reasons. So, if your cat is fussy about that, you’ve got you covered.

    And if your cat loves to socialise, well they can hang out with our resident cats. You know make some new friends, have a bit of fun. And if they ever stay with us again, they’ll have a frined at our place.
    All of us at Pishorina Pet are looking forward to giving your cat(s) a great stay while you are away.
    How about it?

    Call us for a chat and more information about our boarding facilities for cats in Seremban.

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