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    Dog Hotel Seremban

    Sometimes, you’d want to pamper your pet. Not for any particular reason. It’s because you can, and you want to do so. Honestly, you furkid probably deserve it too if they have been a very good one. At other times, you find yourself busy and feel that your dog deserve a bit more attention than you can give at the time. Whatever your reason is, you’d search for the right place that would cater to their need.

    However, finding the right boarding for dogs can be tricky. Most standard boarding offers little space. Or worse, too many dogs at a time. It might not work for you and your pet or pets. And we can understand that.

    Some dogs are a lot more jittery than others because that’s who they are. And some are friendly, but might not be well-received by another boarding where a large number of dogs are in their care at a time. It’s not surprising since dogs, like humans, have their unique personalities. And perhaps that’s the reason why you love yours in the first place.

    Though, it might cause you to overthink and mull over every fine detail. You’d search high and low for something right for your furkid. Not every area has an abundance of choices. Some, you have to make do with what’s there. It could be because there aren’t demand high enough to cater to a dog hotel. Or the places are known through word of mouth instead of an advertisement. The later pretty much means that you have to know the right people. Fortunately, if you live in Seremban or its surrounding town, you can add us into consideration.

    At Doggie Delight Boarding House, we wanted to put your mind at ease and give the best for your pet. So, if you’ve searched for “Dog Hotel Seremban”, you can breathe a little easier.


    We’re not your typical dog hotel.

    We know that there’s a good chance you’ve found places making only empty promises, however, we’re not. As animal lovers ourselves, we’ve made a conscious effort to provide the best service we expect for our pets.

    Our well-trained staff work alongside us because we wanted nothing less than stellar experience for you. We also learned to care for dogs of all sizes from a Dachshund to a Husky from experience, and you’ll find them on our property as your resident pets. So, we are suitable for either a small or a big furry friend of yours. And they’ll have a playmate during their stay.

    Unlike larger facilities, we also set a limit to the number of pets in our care at a time. It’s to ensure the best care and their comfort. We’ll walk them more than three times a day and will make sure that they’ll have a lot of playtimes to enjoy themselves. It would vacation for them, and we’ll make it a great one.

    So, if you wanted to find out more, please get in touch and have a chat with us.

    **Note: Offers, services or products information in the above article can, and do change from time to time. Get in touch for the latest offers.

    Please get in touch.

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    Our Operating Hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm via appointments only.

    We close on Sundays and Public Holidays. Strictly No Check in or Check Outs on Sundays or Public Holidays

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