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    Luxury Dog Boarding Seremban

    Not all boarding facilities are created equal. That’s not to say that they’re not right; instead, they might not be suitable for a particular type of furkids. Sure, some places might check some boxes, and you might have excused this in the past because you didn’t have much choice or press for time.

    What if we tell you that you don’t have to anymore?

    No, we don’t claim to be the best, though we consistently try to be better at what we do. And what does is offer a kind of luxury a standard boarding facility might not.

    What do we mean by that?

    We know, leaving behind your furkid even for a day can be emotional for both you and them. You’ll spend hours worrying and agonising over their safety and comfort. As animal lovers ourselves, we feel the same. Just because something exciting is waiting on the other end, doesn’t mean temporarily leaving them behind is easy. Yes, you’ll come back, and maybe it’s even a little irrational, but that’s how you feel.

    You’ll be away, perhaps sunbathing under a different sky, living a life of luxury. So, why can’t your furkid receive the same treatment? Okay, maybe not the sunbathing under a different sky, but who’s to say they can’t experience the luxury of their own?

    Send them to a comfortable boarding facility. Better yet, send them to a facility where they have a lot of room to run and play. Maybe even make new friends while they explore the unique nooks and crannies of our location. Have them enjoy their time going on their vacation. Just like you, they can spend their day relaxing, but in their way.

    Our team members will take them on no less than three times daily walks. They can catch the sight of birds and other animals on their path. Maybe they’ll find something that catches their eye and would be excited by it. Don’t worry, though; our staff are all well-trained. They’re used to furkids of all sizes from an Alaskan Malamute to a Corgi. Your furkid will be in safe and capable hands.

    There are also extra services you can sign them up for an additional fee as any luxurious boarding location would do. Pamper them with grooming session and playdates. By the time you’ll come to pick them up, you’ll get to see how much they enjoy their little trip.

    How about it? Why not try our “Luxury Dog Boarding Seremban” on for size?

    Call us today and have a chat.

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