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    Overnight Cat Boarding Seremban

    Cats don’t generally like new places. Anything unfamiliar to them could be perceived as a threat. It’s normal because unlike dogs, cats chose to be domesticated and to this days, many are unsure if they’re ever fully trained, preferring to categorise them as semi-domesticated instead. Though, because of this, boarding them even for a short time can be a challenge. It’s a lot trickier if they’ve never left their home before. They might spend the entire time hiding behind a curtain or any hidden area to feel a little safer. We can tell you that it’s not healthy for them. Moreso, it would lead to unnecessary stress for them.

    Yes, some cats are comfortable with new places, the explorer that sees everything as an adventure. The first one that’ll jump out of the carrier bag to sniff out the location. Unfortunately, these are the sort of cats that also aren’t usually very good with little to no space for them to venture through. Typical boarding that will keep them in a box-like area may stress them out because it’s limiting for them. They need to jump, chase and climb over things to be happy.

    Honestly, all cats have a unique personality. No two cats are the same, even if they’re born from the same mother around the same time. The problem is asking a typical boarding facility that might house a large number of cats to pay special attention to yours when they don’t fit in that location. It’s a daunting thought leaving them for an overnight stay when you’re not sure they’ll be alright while you’re gone.

    Don’t worry; you have a choice. If you live in Seremban and its surrounding area, you now have a choice. At Pishorina Pet House, we aim to give your cat the best experience possible if you chose to have them stay with us. Have them in our care with peace of mind.

    With our Overnight Cat Boarding Seremban, you don’t have to worry about them stuck in a tight space. Your cat will have plenty of room to run around. If you have multiple cats, you can also choose to have them place together so that they’ll be comfortable around their siblings. We must stress; however, we do not allow more than three to four cats in a room to ensure their comfort. It’s also to ensure they have enough space for lounging around when they need it.

    Rest assured, the safety and comfort of your pet is our priority. If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, give us a call. Let’s have a chat and figure out the best option for your cat or cat.

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