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    Overnight Dog Boarding Seremban

    There’s a lot of scary things in the world. And when you’re a pet parent, the list gets even longer. It’s normal because unlike humans, pets can’t generally tell you what’s wrong with them. It tends to leave you playing guessing games until you find the answer. So, it’s not that strange to be cautious about leaving them behind even temporarily. And yes, we understand, overnight boarding can be a nightmare to plan too.

    However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Not if you ditch the idea of a typical boarding to the side and consider something else. Something like a smaller place where only a limited number of animals are accepted to stay at a time. And yes, Doggie Delight Boarding House is one such place.

    At our boarding facilities, we focus on quality instead of quantity. We wanted all stay to be a pleasant if not a memorable one. Also, by keeping the number of furkids staying with us to a minimum, we’d be able to give them more attention. Our team members are also highly trained in dealing with various dog breeds. It’s due to the fact we currently have five resident dogs of different breed at our facility. The dogs are our permanent resident, ready to welcome any guests that come along for a short stay.

    Also, as furkids parents ourselves, we believe in giving the best service we hope to get when we’re in your shoes. So, we’ve made sure to keep the quality of our care. And the comfort of our locations one of our priorities. There is ample playing area for your furkids at our place. They’ll be able to run around, play and make friends at their pace. And even with the large space area, we’ve made sure to limit the number of furkids allowed to stay with us at a time. The limit is for their safety and health because we believe that’s the most important thing. It would be extremely unhealthy to cramp large dogs together.

    Speaking of large dogs, as we stated, our team are trained to care for them. They won’t be in confined as they would at a typical boarding place. Instead, they can roam within the designated area. This setting will let them feel safe and less stressful being away from their home. We’re also hoping with this approach, our place can feel like a second home for your furkids.

    So, if you need an “Overnight Dog Boarding Seremban”, give us a call and have a chat. Talk to us and let’s figure out the best option if you decided to have your furkid stay with us while you’re away.

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